26 November 2006

Poll - how many women you know have chest hair?

How many women you know have chest hair
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Ladies, don't worry about your chest hair

Ladies, have you ever felt shameful to have chest hair? You are absolutely not alone!

Both men and women have chest hair, men accumulate more than women ever do. When women begin to go through puberty their hormones increase causing little black hair to grow on and around their nipples. This is completely normal and you are certainly not the only one with this "strange problem."

A person's body hair is noticeable more in some areas than in others. In fact doctor does not suggest that you shave or wax the hair in this area, as it is very sensitive and the hair will grow back. If you have small individual hairs growing on your nipple you can either pluck or cut them so they are less noticeable, often times they may not grow back.
Certain ethnic background tend to have thicker, darker body hair. Check out your mom, sisters, and aunts to see what their hair pattern is.

It is normal to have chest hair as long as it is NOT thick dark hairs growing on the middle of your chest, and/or chin, mustache areas and lower abdomen. (if you have these, please do consult a doctor - teenhealthfx.com)

23 November 2006

The most expensive bra - Victoria Secret worth US$650million!!

This is the most expensive bra from Victoria Secret worth US$650million. (yes, your eyes are fine and close your mouth)
There are more than 2000 diamond, total more than 800 carat...
now i am wondering:
- the support must be great, but isn't it too HEAVY?
- would that be too distracted to affect the sex quality?
- does the man need to wear sunglasses if the light is on?
- what would the matching underwear looks like??

22 November 2006

The biggest bra in the world

The World's Largest Bra is over 3-feet wide, capable of supporting bosoms the size of two weather balloons. It has everything you'd expect in a normal-sized bra -- loops, hooks, padded cups, straps -- except everything is extra huge.

We think The World's Largest Bra would make a thoughtful gift for anyone with a sense of humor (or a fetish for really big jugs). And in years to come, it's sure to bring back many happy memories.

18 November 2006

why my bra causes itchiness?

my friend is aking me to write an article on how to get rid of the itchiness caused by bra. i don't go with the idea because in the first place you should not buy the bra that gets you into discomfort.

If your bra causes itchiness, most probably is because the fabric of the bra does not suit your skin.

The cotton and silk are always the safest one. and when there are lace on the bra, double check whether they are made of different fabric. however, since we are no experts in fabric or bra, here is the simple way to test the bra: feel the part of the bra that will directly touch your skin, whether it's hard or rough. Try the bra on and move it around. If by simply doing so your skin is getting red or uncomfort, drop the bra! no matter how sexy it looks on you!

another reason, very slim chance, it might not be the quality of the bra, but the washing liquid you are using to wash the bra. so just change the brand and the itchiness will be gone.

Hmm, the third reason is that some people don't wash or change bra often. what should i say about it? Don't be lazy!!

15 November 2006

Bra-maker to turn Japanese women into bag ladies

(A Triumph employee displays a "No More Plastic Bags Bra" -- a shopping bag made of a transformed bra -- at the company's showroom in Tokyo. The bra, which can be changed into shopping bags, will be developed in 5 colours.(AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno) )
Wed Nov 8, 6:42 AM ET
Japanese women who don't indulge in the national passion of buying designer bags and who care about the environment may soon have an alternative -- their bra.
A lingerie maker, in a bid to discourage Japanese from using plastic bags, on Wednesday unveiled a bra whose cup padding unfolds to become a handheld shopping bag.
Lingerie maker Triumph has regularly designed bras aimed at drawing attention to social issues and to raise its own profile. Last year it unveiled a bra that can be heated in a microwave so as to help save on indoor heating costs.
The "Bra Rangers" -- named in a nod to the television characters that morph into superheroes -- come with matching underwear whose pocket has the inscribed message, "No more plastic bags!"
The bra-turned-bag is made of polyester fiber created through recycling. The bra straps can be tied onto the bag as ribbons.
Japanese shops hand out some 30 billion plastic bags per year, of which nearly a third of them are thrown away without being reused, said Triumph.
Few businesses, faced with tough competition, will risk alienating customers by not handing out bags, Triumph International Japan Ltd. said.
"In this context, what deserves the most attention is the significance of each and every customer understanding the importance of not using plastic bags," it said in a statement.
Triumph said it had sought a patent for the eco-bra, although it has no plans for now to put it on general sale.

Stop growing the "side breast" and at least 1 cup size up!!

very often, i spot people have grown the "side breast" due to the wrong way of wearing the bra or wearing the wrong bra. it would be really a waste because the "side breast" on each side could actually increase your cup size if you know "do" it right.

though most of the bras focus on the sexiness and the beauty rather than the functionality, there are still ways for you to improve it: whever you go to the washroom, try to pull the "side breast" into the bra or use the bra straps to "fix" it in. If you find youself could not do it at all, go to the shop and buy yourself a new bra that provide such support.